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Bilingual lifestyle blog that connects travel, culture and career advice, as well as wedding and event planning.

By Cynthia Roldan

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Wellness Tips to Reach Your Goals

Six wellness tips to get you focused, energized and help you reach your goals. Oftentimes we get overwhelmed with the stress and pressures of work, expectations/needs from others and the high standards we set…

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Breaking Down Discrimination

We’ve either experienced it personally or seen it happen to others – being left out, unnecessary escalations, micro-aggressions and more. Check out these strategies to help you practice empathy and advocacy for yourself and others.

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Image of US map with a line going from new York to Texas

Cross-Country Move

We never considered living anywhere else until the pandemic – a move can get you more space, a raise and possibly more sun if you broaden your horizons. Learn why and how we did it.

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About me

I’m a proud Latina raised in Jackson Heights, New York who recently moved to Texas. I’ve held many roles across my career from strategy to risk and philanthropy. Currently, I manage technology executive communications at a financial services company. There’s nothing I enjoy more than giving back to the community and producing engaging event experiences. Thus the launch of Enlace, in Spanish it means event or engagement. In English it means to bind or encircle and in both languages it means to connect. In this blog, I hope to connect topics, ideas, individuals and cultures.

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