Wellness Tips to Reach Your Goals

Six wellness tips to get you focused, energized and help you reach your goals.

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Oftentimes we get overwhelmed with the stress and pressures of work, expectations/needs from others and the high standards we set for ourselves. Whether its our time, finances, relationships, mind or bodies, we’re all striving for balance. Below are six tips that have helped me be more productive at work, pay off debt, work out more, regulate my digestion, rejuvenate my skin and boost my energy levels.

01 | Get three hours of deep sleep

Deep sleep is the essential for feeling rested and staying healthy. It keeps your hormones balanced, your digestive system on track, helps prevent Alzheimer’s and heart disease and keeps you more productive while you’re awake. To get three or more hours of deep sleep, sleep between seven to nine hours and develop a sleep time routine to help you disconnect from phones and other blue light emitting devices at least 30-45 minutes before going to sleep.

02 | Start with small goals

You’re more likely to build lasting habits by committing yourself to take small steps from working out 10 minutes a day to saving $25 a month. Break down your goal and build on it little by little.

03 | Drink green tea

Green tea contains more antioxidants and less caffeine reducing crashing, insomnia and anxiety. It helps your digestive system, gum health, reduces inflammation and helps you lose weight.

04 | Be kind to yourself and others

Shifting your perspective to be the best-intentioned interpretation / action/ response instead of reacting negatively will decrease physical, emotional and mental stress and pain in your life. It will also allow you to take on circumstances out of your control and turn them into growth opportunities of learning or teaching.

05 | Clean, protect and moisturize your skin

Exfoliating regularly fades age spots, unclogs pores & minimizes scars/wrinkles. The sun emits harmful UV rays every day- rain, shine or snow – wear sunscreen daily. Moisturizing boosts hydration and helps your skin stay young, clear and healthy.

06 | Drink two litters of water

Our bodies are around 60% water and water delivers oxygen throughout our body helping maintain blood pressure, regulating our body temperature and digestive system, and making minerals and nutrients more accessible for our body. It supports our brain functioning, helping us stay more alert, warding off headaches and even helps us breathe better. Aim to drink two litters of water a day, drinking at least 500 ml when you first wake up to kick start your metabolism, boost your energy and help getting your bowels moving.

Sources: personal life experiences, WebMD, Harvard Business Review, Phycology Today, American Academy of Dermatology and Medical News Today

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