7 Fun virtual ideas to stay connected

Stay engaged with friends and family near and far to make new memories with these fun ideas to connect virtually.

1 | Play games together – We can all have a shot at winning and having a good time – from Jackbox Party Pack games and Steam party games that can be played with cellphones as long as one player owns the game and screen shares to traditional games like Taboo, Over the Line, Cards Against Humanity that can be played if all parties have the physical game at home to using Skype’s whiteboard feature to play Pictionary or taking turns holding your phones up to play charades with the Heads Up app.

2 | Make a plan for when you reunite – Take the opportunity to plan ahead – whether it’s a weekend getaway, glamping/tropics/foodie bachelorette party/offsite for later in the year or even next year – you might even find some deals.

3 | Workout or cookout – Take a class together – Yoga, Zumba, HIIT, Barre, Tabita, Karate, Salsa for beginners or even a cooking class together – have one person log onto a seperate device to initiate the YouTube/video screen share. This is a great way to get your bridal/groom squad to connect together while doing something fun and healthy.

4) Paint and Sip – Select a picture, painting or image you all like, pour yourselves a glass and chat while you create your masterpieces and unveil them.There a few companies that will even ship you all of the materials you’ll need.

5) Open Mic – Whether it’s poetry, comedy, rap-battle, karaoke or improve acting, have fun creating with and for each other.

6 | Reminisce on good memories – Take a trip down memory lane sharing funny/happy (and potentially humiliating) old videos, stories and photos – you might even ncover some new details.

7 | Watch and/or create together – Netflix party to watch a movie or show together, screen share or create your own TikTok videos (or video challenge).

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